English Required for All University Programs!?

The diversity of the spoken language.

The English language surrounds us, it is spoken everywhere in the world. The simplest “Hi” or “Hello” is recognized and returned with smiles. Growing up, picking up a book to read before going to bed was a priority for me, about the princess falling for the prince or the super hero saving the world. Over time in school we are taught to analyze the text and write or prove a question that is assigned to us. As this is the way that we’re marked in our classes, most students who grow up loving reading end up not wanting to. It is considered boring. Reading books now is looked down upon. “The book is better than the movie” says the few people who still love to read. Heads turn to judge them to call them “lame” or “nerds”. This is unfair, English for me is a very valuable course and should not be looked down upon.

Rifle-Paper-Co-GraduationEntering high school we’re all required to take English all four years that we’re there. Also the grade 12 credit is required when needed to get into University. The question I ask is, is it necessary for ALL programs?

I say yes, it it important. English is the universal language, it is spoken around the world. No matter what work place you go into, you’re required to communicate with others in

english-clipart-SecondaryBooksEnglish. In class you’re taught to form arguments, find the right evidence and support it.It helps to express your thoughts properly and have them in line if it ever comes to being assigned projects or writing reports and even essays. This site helps understand a little bit more about why essay writing is important in university.

Yes, we all say “why do we need English? I grew up speaking it. I can make my way through.” but in this generation, our society communicates through our iPhones (or Androids, I don’t judge). The language is slowly being abbreviated to make it easier and faster to communicate. One sixteen-year-old said that “her ability to separate formal and informal English declined the more she used instant messages”. It is getting harder and harder for people to abbreviation-7
communicate face to face or even just stepping forward to make a simple phone call.  Taking the grade 12 course nowadays is highly recommended. Doing those awful seminars with people who you do not get along with or even just individually helps in the long run, not just in university. Being able to work with anyone or speak professionally in front of an audience. Taking that extra course to fully grasp the content of communication puts you at a more professional level. These skills are needed for going into job interviews or maybe just addressing problems to university professors because “hey! what’s up fam?” will not do you good in post-secondary or in your future career. Grade 12 English prepares you for university, the high school teachers know what the professors look for. Therefore they will assign work according to the university expectations so you won’t be intimidated as much once enrolled. The course uncovers creative ideas and understanding the literature will help better understand whatever those university textbooks say. Exposing yourself to reading, will make you a better writer, to clearly put those thoughts in your mind to words. Making it easier to write university essays or reports, in science, management, journalism and or other programs you are interested in.

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